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[audio]Beneath the Surface - Time's Person of the Year - Paul Murano
Was Pope Francis the right man for the award?  Why did a secular magazine choose him?  Is there any false hope fostered about what he will do regarding unchangeable Church teaching?  Paul and his guests tackle these questions and much more.
Keywords: pope; francis; vatican; Catholic; Church; Time; magazine; religious; secular; doctrine; leblanc; laplante; murano
Downloads: 1
[audio]Beneath the Surface 45: Separation of Church & State and the UN Demands on the Catholic Church - Paul Murano
This week Paul and his guests Bob Leblanc talk about the notion of church-state separation and how it relates to the U.N.'s latest demand regarding Catholicism.
Keywords: United Nations; Church; Catholic; history; colonies; europe; United States
Downloads: 1
[audio]BTSmar 17 P 1 - Paul Murano
Beneath the Surface with Paul MuranoMarch 17, 2013"Pope Francis and the Papacy"Guests: Fr. Frank Silva            Mr. Kent Niebuhr            Mr. Tom Duggan
Keywords: pope; papacy; Catholic; Christ; Peter
Downloads: 48
[audio]BTS 53: Resurrection and Sainthood - Paul Murano
Go beneath the surface with Paul Murano as he discusses the Resurrection and Sainthood with Fr. Jurgin Liias and Mr. Kent Niebuhr.  Must-hear radio!
Keywords: saint; sainthood; resurrection; judgment; body; soul; communion of saints; last day; Easter
Downloads: 2
[audio]Beneath the Surface with Paul Murano - Paul Murano
Paul goes BTS with guests Bridie Vail and Marc Solitario of Pure in Heart, Lowell.
Keywords: pure; heart; chastity; marriage; vail; solitario; murano; beneath; surface; Catholic; Christian; natural law; love; sex
Downloads: 25
[audio]BTS, 05-19, pt 1 - Paul Murano
Beneath the Surface with Paul Murano                       5/19/13"Gosnell and the real meaning of 'pro-choice'"Guests: Kent Niebuhr, Bob Leblanc
Keywords: Gosnell; abortion; infanticide; prenatal homicide; life; death; leblanc; kent
Downloads: 25 (1 review)
[audio]Beneath the Surface - 36 - Paul Murano
Paul and Kent discuss the deeper meanings found within the Adam & Eve story of the book of Genesis.  Man's relationship to woman, to God, and to the environment are all explored.  Psychological defense mechanisms that our nature disposes us to when we sin, as well as the evil of denial are also extrapolated from the text.
Keywords: Genesis; Adam; Eve; bible; Christian; Catholic; religion; Niebuhr; Murano
Downloads: 6
[audio]BTS38 - Paul Murano
"To Be or Not To Be: Christmas in the Abortion Age"Guest: Fr. Dwight Hoeberechts.  Paul talks with Fr. Dwight about what led him to the priesthood after being an airplane pilot and an emergency room registered nurse, as well as issues relating to human life and redemption.
Keywords: life; human; Immaculate Conception; abortion; death; Jesus; Christmas; murano; hoeberechts; priesthood; nurse; pilot; Catholic; Christian
Downloads: 8
[audio]The War On Christ(mas) - Paul Murano
Is there a war on Christmas in our culture because there is a war on Christ?
Keywords: Christmas; Christ; war; beneath; surface; tuturice; leblanc
Downloads: 13
[audio]Bts 0407pt 1rv - Paul Murano
BTS - Natural Law, part two        - hours one and two
Keywords: natural law; philosophy; truth; beneath; surface
Downloads: 30
[audio]Beneath the Surface with Paul Murano, 3/3/2013, part 1 of 2 - Paul Murano
Paul goes beneath the Surface with Kent Niebuhr, Bob Leblanc, and Bernie Choiniere on the question: If God is all good and all powerful then why is there evil and suffering in the world?
Keywords: Beneath; surface; God; suffering; good; evil; love; kent niebuhr; bob leblanc; bernie choiniere
Downloads: 67
[audio]BTS 44 - Paul Murano
Paul sits down with Kent Niebuhr and Fr. Gerald Souza to discuss the impact of our culture of death.  We go beneath the surface on the causes and solutions to where we are, why we're there, and how we can potentially be saved from it.Important topic to get a grasp of.  If we're not part of the solution we're part of the problem.
Keywords: culture; death; contraception; fornication; abortion; family; marriage; Niebuhr; Souza; Murano
Downloads: 1
[audio]Beneath the Surface #22 - Paul Murano
Paul interviews Dr. Joseph Cariello of Dovetail Dental on everything you wanted to know about teeth, as well as the art of dentistry.  Very interesting and informative.
Keywords: teeth; dentistry; mouths; health; oral; bacteria; disease
Downloads: 26
[audio]BTS 33 - Global Warming: Scientific Fact or Ideological Myth? - Paul Murano
Guests Tennis Lilly and Tom Duggan engage in a battle of ideas over whether or not the claims of global warming advocates should be heeded.
Keywords: global warming; climate change; temperature; weather; duggan; lilly; murano; beneath; surface
Downloads: 13
[audio]BTS - April 14, 2013 - Marriage - Paul Murano
Beneath the SurfaceMarriage - What is it?  Why is it?  Who is it for?April 14, 2013
Keywords: marriage; truthseekers; surface
Downloads: 12
[audio]Beneath the Surface, with Paul Murano - Paul Murano
Beneath the Surface, with Paul Murano"Natural Family Planning and Contraception"What's the difference:- chemically?- morally?- psychologically?- environmentally?- practically?Guests: Barbara Donovan and Renee AsteYou'll be very surprised at what you hear.
Keywords: Natural Family Planning Contraception Beneath Surface environment family
Downloads: 28
[audio]The Valley Patriot 10th Anniversary, Bash and Aftermath - Paul Murano
Paul talks to Tom Duggan, Editor of the Valley Patriot Newspaper, about the ins and outs of the paper as well as the bash he held celebrating 10 years of free speech in the Merrimack Valley.
Keywords: valley; patriot; wcap; beneath; surface; duggan; bash; first amendment
Downloads: 3
[audio]Beneath the Surface with Paul Murano, 3/3/2013, part 2 of 2 - Paul Murano
Paul goes beneath the Surface with Kent Niebuhr, Bob Leblanc, and Bernie Choiniere on the question: If God is all good and all powerful then why is there evil and suffering in the world?
Keywords: God; good; evil; love; suffering; kent niebuhr; bob leblanc; bernie choiniere
Downloads: 34
[audio]Beneath the Surface, w/ Paul Murano - Aug. 4, 2013 - Paul Murano
Paul interviews Chestertonian Bob Leblanc, member of the Worcester Chesterton Society.
Keywords: Chesterton; GK; common sense; leblanc; BTS; murano
Downloads: 5
[audio]Beneath the Surface 4/21/13 -- Libertarianism vs. Socialism - Paul Murano
Libertarianism vs. Socialism -- Alexandra vs Tennis Lilly
Keywords: libertarianism; socialism; beneath; surface; murano
Downloads: 31
[audio]BTS 05 05 - Paul Murano
Beneath the Surface with Paul Murano.  Paul tries to go beneath the surface with a member of the tea party and a member of the occupy movement.  May 5, 2013Begins at 9 minutes into part one.
Keywords: Beneath; surface; morabito; freidrich; occupy; tea party
Downloads: 17
[audio]Beneath the Surface 31 - Paul Murano
Is man a social and political animal?  What is politics?  Which is the best political philosophy?  How do we judge?
Keywords: politics; philosophy; political; ideology; social; individual; society; libertarianism; socialism; liberal; conservative
Downloads: 1
[audio]BTS 28 Just War 9-8-13 - Paul Murano
What constitutes a just war?  Would the Syria situation fall into this category?
Keywords: war; justified; syria; leblanc; murano; beneath; surface
Downloads: 5
[audio]BTS 40: The War On Christ(mas) - Paul Murano
Is there a war on Christmas in our culture simply because there is a war on Christ?  
Keywords: Christmas; Christ; war; culture; beneath; surface
Downloads: 1
[audio]BTS 5 12 - Paul Murano
Paul goes beneath the surface on the issues of equality.  Is everyone equal?  Is equality the same as sameness?  Is equality desirous?  Guest: Bob LeblancMay 12, 2013Begins after 8 mins. into the first segment.
Keywords: equality; equal; murano; leblanc
Downloads: 9
[audio]BTS Occupy vs Tea Party - Paul Murano
Beneath the Surface  -  May 5, 2013"The Occupy Movement vs. The Tea Party"Guests:Terra Friedrichs, Activist for Occupy Boston, andChristine Morabito, President of the Greater Boston Tea Party
Keywords: occupy; tea party; beneath; surface; murano; friedrichs; morabito
Downloads: 29
[audio]Beneath the Surface 17 -- June 2, 2013 - Paul Murano
Beneath the Surface with Paul MuranoPaul Goes beneath surface with Tom Duggan, editor of the Valley Patriot Newspaper and host of the Paying Attenton Radio Show on WCAP.Topic: "Morality in Media"
Keywords: media; duggan; murano; culture; electronic; print; authoirty; ideology
Downloads: 32
[audio]BTS 29 - The Light of Faith - Paul Murano
Is faith a light?  Or does it really produce darkness?  Does it expand reason and enable the person to see beyond his natural scope?  Or does it stifle reason?We tackle these questions and more.
Keywords: beneath; surface; faith; light; pope; Catholic; Christian; leblanc; murano
Downloads: 6
[audio]BTS 28 / 9-8-13 - Paul Murano
Paul and Bob discuss the Just War theory and how it might apply to Syria.
Keywords: just war; syria; leblanc; murano; beneath; surface
Downloads: 4
[audio]BTS 37 - Paul Murano
"Priesthood, Celibacy, and the Meaning of Vocation"Paul goes beneath the surface with Fr. Gerald Souza, the youngest priest in the Archdiocese of Boston on the nature of priesthood and why he choose his state in life.  Kent Niebuhr serves as co-host.
Keywords: priest; Church; Christ; Boston; celibacy; vocation; calling; love; marriage priesthood
Downloads: 5
[texts]Http Snapvids.com Labz BTS BTS 310p 1.mp 3 - Paul Murano
Beneath the Surface      with Paul MuranoMarch 10, 2013"Mental Illness, Suicide, and Depression"Guests: Kathleen Laplante, suicide survivor            Mary X, mental health provider            Bob L, philosopherHear Kathleen's important story of surviving her father's suicide as well as her own, and how her life and attitude have drastically changed for the good.
Keywords: beneath; surface; murano; mental; suicide; euthanasia; depression
Downloads: 6
[audio]Beneath the Surface: "College - Is it worth it?" - Paul Murano
Beneath the Surface with Paul MuranoPaul discusses with guest Michael Hughes the state of higher education and whether it is worth the undertaking -- intellectually, financially, and morally.
Keywords: education; college; university; money; purpose; career; knowledge; wonder; Hughes; Murano
Downloads: 16
[audio]BTS 46 - Conservatism vs. Libertarianism - Paul Murano
A self-proclaimed conservative and a self-proclaimed libertarian discuss the similarities and differences of their two philosophies of man, society, and government.Guests:Tom Weaver, conservativeMichelle McNeil, libertarian
Keywords: conservative; liberal; constitution; liberty; philosophy; government; authority; individualism; statism; wcap; beneath; surface
Downloads: 5
[audio]BTS 18 -- "Fatherhood" -- 6/16/13 - Paul Murano
Paul explores the meaning of fatherhood with his in-studio and call-in guests on Father's Day 2013.Guests: Kent Niebuhr, Jim Richard; Pat McCabe of The Greater Boston Fathers Coalition, Tom Duggan of the Valley Patriot
Keywords: beneath; surface; fathers; richard; niebuhr
Downloads: 16
[texts]Http Snapvids.com Labz BTS BTS 310p 1.mp 3 - Paul Murano
Beneath the Surface        with Paul Murano"Mental Illness and Suicide"Guests: Kathleen Laplante, suicide survivor            Mary X, mental health provider            Bob L, philosopherHear Kathleen's story about surviving her father's suicide as well as her own attempt; and her new-found hope and change of attitude.
Keywords: mental illness; suicide; beneath; surface; euthanasia
Downloads: 10
[audio]BTS: "From Episcopal to Catholic Priest" 6-23-13, pt 1 - Paul Murano
Beneath the Surface Radio Show.  Guest: Fr. Jurgen Liias
Keywords: conversion; protestant; catholic; Episcopal; priest liias; murano
Downloads: 12
[audio]BTS - Passover and the Eucharist - Paul Murano
Paul talks with a rabbi and a priest respectively about the central dogmas of their faiths: Passover and the EucharistMust-hear radio.
Keywords: priest; rabbi; Passover; Eucharist; Christian; Jewish
Downloads: 7
[audio]BTS_Aug25_2013 - Paul Murano
Paul talks with Tom George about the Violence Issues of our society: Captial punishment, gun control, and hate crimes.
Keywords: violence; guns; capital; death; hate; society; protection; penalty; life
Downloads: 8
[audio]Beneath the Surface - "Natural Theology" - Paul Murano
Paul speaks with John Tuturice and Bob Leblanc on the subject of natural theology.
Keywords: theology; natural; philosophy; murano; tuturice; leblanc; faith; reason
Downloads: 21
[audio]Beneath the Surface, w/ Paul Murano: "What is Music, why do we like it, and what does it say about us?" - Paul Murano
Paul talks with David Dominique, Instructor of music and PhD candidate at Brandies University, on all things music -- what it is, why humans enjoy it universally, what it says about a people, a culture, etc.  Interesting beneath the surface discussion.
Keywords: music; rock; jazz; blues; classical; country; religious; secular; BTS
Downloads: 22
[audio]Beneath the Surface #48 - Paul Murano
Paul speaks with Kathleen Laplante about her upcoming book entitled, "Unraveling My Father's Suicide".  We recall many of the crucial points in her life relating to depression, the feeling of hopelessness, and suicide.
Keywords: suicide; depression; family; father; emptiness; Catholic; God; love; hope; meaning
Downloads: 33
[audio]Beneath the Surface: Seeking First the Kingdom of God - Paul Murano
What exactly does it mean to place one's primary trust in God?  To be primarily dependent on God means to be able to give up all other dependencies, whether they be to money, sex, material goods, drugs, comfort and security, television, internet, or anything else that takes precedence in our hearts over the kingdom of God.  Impossible?  Can one find freedom and happiness without following this first of the Ten Commandments?  No and No.
Keywords: kingdom; dependence; God; vice; obsession; addiction; prayer; happiness; freedom
Downloads: 8
[audio]BTS-11/3/13 - Middle Aged and Single - Paul Murano
Paul interviews three middle-aged single adults about their lifestyles, personal freedom, loneliness, and strategy in finding spousal love.
Keywords: single; love; marriage; middle aged; dating; courting; culture; secularism
Downloads: 20
[audio]BTS - The Body/Soul Problem - Paul Murano
Listen to this fascinating dialogue as Paul and Bob go beneath the surface to discuss the body/soul relationship, and the intellectual challenges that go with it.
Keywords: soul; body; hylomorphism; materialism; physicalism; dualism; resurrection; reincarnation; Plato; Socrates; Aristotle; Aquinas; man; human being
Downloads: 3
[audio]Beneath the Surface: "What is music and why do we like it? Part 2" - Paul Murano
Paul goes beneath the surface with music professional David Dominique about the meaning of music, our musical tastes, and what it says about us as a species and as a culture.
Keywords: music; jazz; classical; rock; culture; sounds; art
Downloads: 2
[audio]"The Living Dead" - Paul Murano
Paul discusses the topic of death with Fr. John Grace, pastor of Resurrection Parish in Nashua, NH.  Some points discussed:  What is death?  Were we meant to die?  The disembodied soul. The resurrected body. Heaven, hell, and purgatory; the notion of limbo, the communion of saints, and much more!
Keywords: resurrection; soul; death; life; heaven; hell; purgatory; afterlife; eternal life; salvation
Downloads: 46
[audio]What Is Happiness? - Paul Murano
Everyone wants it, everyone strives for it, but what is it?  What is happiness and how do we attain it?  Have we lost sight of the road to happiness because we have lost sight of what it means to be human?
Keywords: happiness; human; nature; goodness; truth; leblanc
Downloads: 9
[audio]Beneath the Surface -- Pope Francis: Reformer or Revolutionary? - Paul Murano
We go beneath the surface on the reaction that Pope Francis has been getting both from the world and the Church.
Keywords: pope; francis; catholic; church; murano; leblanc; bts; beneath; surface
Downloads: 6
[audio]Beneath the Surface, 4/28/13 - "A Sign of Contradiction: Stay at Home Dad, Father of Seven'" - Paul Murano
Guest Kent Neibuhr speaks about being a stay-at-home-dad, and a father of seven.  
Keywords: father; dad; children; family; men; women; counter-cultural; sign of contradiction
Downloads: 60
[audio]BTS - "The Meaning of Sports" - Paul Murano
Ray McKenna, President of Catholic Athletes for Christ and John Tuturice join Paul Murano to go beneath the surface on the topic of sports.  Why do we care about our teams?  What is the relationship between sports and life?  Is fandom a modern evolutionary version of tribal warfare?  Should fighting be banned in hockey?  Should steroids be ignored?  Will future technology create even more problems for keeping sports fair?  All of this and more are discussed.
Keywords: sports; Catholic; spiritual; fair; technology; steroids; McKenna; Tuturice; Murano; beneath; surface
Downloads: 15
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